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Consultant/Senior Consultant
Title:Consultant/Senior Consultant
Location:Remote - Location Flexible
Department:Strategy and Consulting
Job Type:Contract
Salary Range:Varied based on experience

DeEtta Jones & Associates (DJA) is looking for talented, diverse, energetic, and creative folks to join our expert team of full-time consultants. This posting is for 1099 contractors; there is a separate posting for a W-2 role.

DJA guides leaders and organizations on a journey that builds capacity, strengthens innovation, and increases organizational performance by creating a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment.  We deliver deliberate strategies and tools that position our clients to build upon and enhance their organization’s structures, systems, people, and culture in the context of continual growth.

We are deeply committed to creating a more equitable and inclusive world. We pursue our values through our work, ensuring that accurate and authentic data is available and used to create breakthrough solutions and solve knotty problems. We also stand firmly committed against systemic racism and all other forms of oppression; and hold ourselves accountable for taking actions that reflect our values. With these values firmly in place, we invite potential team members who share our commitments and reflect a diverse array of lived perspectives and experiences. 

Your role

As a DJA Consultant, you will be constantly learning and applying your skills in coordination with a talented team.

  • You will work with incredibly diverse organizations, from advertising agencies to non-profits, healthcare to libraries, tech companies to governments.

  • You will join a team of expert consultants on each engagement

  • You will develop new tools, resources, and content for DJA offerings as a subject matter expert

  • You will serve as a faculty member in our online learning portfolio

  • You will work closely with clients to identify needs, coordinate teams, and build capacity across their organizations.

  • You will contribute to data gathering using a wide variety of methods: one-on-one interviews, focus groups, surveys, organizational analysis, environmental scanning, and custom solutions.

  • You will constantly be doing your own work: reading, observing, developing skills, and analyzing organizational culture.

  • You will synthesize qualitative and quantitative data to build recommendations and action plans

  • You will create and deliver ideas that make a difference, and present your recommendations to clients in writing and presentations.

  • You’ll work with new and prospective clients to generate robust proposals, promote our work, and identify new ways to support our clients

  • You will share your knowledge with the world by creating webinars, presentations, online courses, blog posts, and white papers.

  • You will always be looking for ways that we can improve, sharing your suggestions with the team, training and mentoring others, and creating internal documentation

Your qualities and characteristics

We are looking for Consultants or Senior Consultants who fit this description:

  • You bring cultural lenses and first-person experience outside of the U.S. macroculture. You are culturally competent.

  • You are an expert facilitator who can work with individuals and groups to build shared understanding and manage complex dialogue.

  • You are skilled at mixed-methods organizational research.

  • You illuminate the stories, structures, and systems that underlie clients’ experiences.

  • You draw on your experiences in different disciplines to communicate clearly in fields that aren’t your own.

  • You synthesize scattered information into clear, impactful writing and presentations.

  • You are a strong collaborator who pulls your weight and operates independently.

  • You delight in the details.

  • You practice continual improvement in your work.

  • You are conversant in Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism.

  • You have background in Organizational Design, Consulting, Systems Analysis, and/or Equity, Diversity and Inclusion work.

  • While 2020 has eliminated our on-site work for now, you are willing to travel about 25-30% of your working time when travel is advisable again.

Additional qualities we’d love to see

We welcome a wide array of expertise and background that complements the existing experiences on our team. For example, these characteristics would be a help:

  • Background in consulting, organizational development, instructional design

  • Skill in multi-modal information design: text, visual design, graphics, and/or data

  • Experience in managing teams, projects, and/or processes in complex organizations

What DJA offers

DJA has built a small core team with a concentrated burst of excellence. Here are some of the qualities of our workplace:

  • 100% Remote: The DJA core team is distributed throughout the US, with staff in south Florida, St. Louis, the Twin Cities, and Rochester, NY. If you happen to be in one of those places, great! If not, that’s totally OK as well. We use Zoom, Slack, and email to keep in touch with each other and with clients.

    • When not in a pandemic, we do travel to offer on-site consulting and workshops to our clients. We share the burden here and balance travel load across our team.

  • A core team and a deep bench: Our core team has grown from four to eight within the last 18 months, and we expect to be eleven total by mid-2021. We also work with a team of about twenty consultants on a variety of client projects. We value expertise and pay for labor. Every member of our team carries lived experience outside of dominant US macroculture.

  • Sustainable work: While consulting doesn’t always fit into 40 hours a week, we do not typically work 50 or 60-hour weeks either. We believe in sustainable work practices: we care for each other’s time off, ability to close the computer, and health. Your workload will be manageable.

  • Flexible time: Once our clients’ needs are met, our time is our own to structure. Most of us work around typical daytime business hours Eastern Time, but when you need to take care of personal business or get a day off, you’ll have the flexibility you need to structure your own time.

  • Respecting boundaries: All of us have lives outside of work. When you’re on vacation, we’ll only contact you if things will Literally Fall Apart without you for a few days, and even that as minimally as possible. We also don’t expect 24-hour communication: except in the most dire of client emergencies, email can wait until morning.

  • Doing our own work: Just as we advise our clients, we value continuous improvement. We will support your involvement in conferences and professional communities, online courses, training, and we’ll purchase materials you need to keep learning and growing. Making you better makes us better.

Next steps

If this sounds like the right fit for you, we look forward to talking with you! Please complete the application here, and we will be in touch to request further information if there might be a good match. Please attach both a cover letter and resume/CV in a single file in the Resume field.

Thank you for considering a role with DJA!

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